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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of hemp plants. People enjoy CBD products because they are non-psychoactive, but still provide many psychological and health benefits. Currently there are a large number of clinical trials underway which hope to study and affirm the advantages of CBD products. The FDA has also acknowledged that CBD and THC products are potentially beneficial for people to use.

Recent and ongoing scientific studies on the usefulness of CBD have caused CBD products to become very popular all over the world. CBD is thought to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, help with muscle relaxation, alleviate pain, reduce dryness, and decrease anxiety. These benefits suggest that CBD-infused lubricants are ideal for smooth and painless intercourse.

We created this product with the goal of eliminating any obstacles that could prevent you from having a satisfying sex life. There are many endocannabinoid receptors concentrated within the genital areas of both men and women, which means that CBD is easily absorbed into the body when it is applied to the genitals. Research suggests that an intimate oil made with CBD can provide you with all the benefits of a CBD health supplement, while also keeping your intimate areas moisturized and nourished.

CBD is already commonly used as an ingredient in a variety of personal care products including topical creams, ingestible oils, health supplement capsules, sprays, and vapes. CBD’s adaptability and usefulness naturally allows it to improve upon a wide variety of already existent products. In the form of an intimate oil, CBD is thought to increase blood flow, diminish dryness, reduce inflammation, and promote pelvic relaxation so that you can have a pleasant and enjoyable sex life.

It’s very common for women to experience dryness, discomfort, and pelvic problems at some point during their life. These issues can lead to anxiety about intimacy, in addition to dissatisfaction during sex. A good sex life is worry-free and pain-free, so we curated this product to meet those needs.

Our research on the aging process led us to understand that a happy sex life is a key factor of life extension. The aging process creates physical and mental obstacles that make it difficult for us to fully enjoy sex, so we designed this product to help people of all ages experience youthful intimacy. It is our belief that we can extend your lifespan by promoting satisfaction, contentment, and good health in all aspects of your life.

Simply apply the oil to your intimate areas, and then wait for 15-20 minutes as the CBD takes effect. When using it as a lubricant, you can use as much as you want to keep your intimate areas moisturized. However, if you would like to experience the psychological and physical effects of the CBD before you initiate intimacy, then you will need to wait for the CBD to absorb into your body (which takes approximately 20 minutes). The intimate oil should be applied to the vulva, the inside of the vagina, the penis, or the anus.

No, CBD lube (and all hemp-based CBD products) have less than 0.3% THC. A high concentration of THC is the reason that cannabis makes you feel high. CBD still offers many health benefits on its own, regardless of the amount of THC in the product.

There are many different types of CBD including isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. Essentially, full spectrum CBD contains a variety of natural Cannabis plant extracts. This means that our product contains all of the different beneficial cannabinoids that can be derived from the hemp plant, including terpenes and small amounts of THC.

We decided that we wanted our product to be oil-based for a number of reasons. Oil-based lubricants are efficient, long-lasting, and great at nourishing dry or sensitive skin. In addition, oil-based lubricants are easier to spread and use during intercourse. It is effortless to apply our product to your intimate areas, and you can even use this intimate oil as a soothing massage oil.

Our intimate oil should only be applied directly to your skin or genitals. There is a negative interaction between latex/silicone and oil, so you should avoid using our product with any latex/silicone items such as condoms and most sex toys.

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